Everything about river that once connected Eastern and Western Roman empire

About Drina river

In West Serbia, only 210 km away from Belgrade, there is a paradise on unspoiled nature, breathtaking mountain peaks and lush forests of the middle flow of the gorgeous Drina river. Drina River originates in Montenegro between the dizzying heights of Sinjajevina Mountain /2277 meters/ and Durmitor Mountain /2520 meters/ confluencing Tara and Piva Rivers in Scepan Polje and after 345 km of its flow empties in Sava River.

Drina River with its tributaries cut almost entire Dinaric mountain system what makes it the richest in the Balkans in terms of the hydro-energetic potentials. Drina River makes the natural border between Serbia and Bosnia and Hercegovina and is considered one of the most beautiful rivers in Europe. Drina River is mountainous, abundant, green, rapid, wavy river rolling and roaring through the wonderful mountainous landscape, gorges, canyons, forests, dizzying clean air. Drina River basin featuring canyon-tributaries of extraordinary beauties are rivers of Rača, Derventa, Nevenski potok spring, Crni potok spring, Brusnica, Žepa and Rzav.

The righ side of Drina River is karstic and of extremely steep shore above which rises almost vertically Tara Mountain and its gorgeous observation point of Biljeska Stena /1000 meters altitude/ and Stolac - the natural habitat of Pancic spruce. Tara Mountain created numerous karts springs, among which Perucac spring is most famous. From Perucac originates tiny Vrelo River, which is only 365 meters long, hence its name "year". Vrelo River is rich in waters that empty into Drina River along three wonderful waterfalls.

Interesting facts about Drina river:

  • Drina was border between Eastern and Western Roman Empire
  • The "March on the Drina" is one of the most popular music marches
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There are numerous bridges over Drina River of which is most famous the Old Bridge in Visegrad built in 1571 by Mehmed Pasha Sokolovic that became world-known by the "Bridge over Drina River" novel of Ivo Andric.

Wild eagles, pigeons, deer, rabbits, wolves, bears - they all go to drink from the Drina River. There are outstanding terrains for fishing especially fly-fishing on Drina River thanks to abundance of fish. Flowing through breathtaking canyons of the Gornja Tresnjica, the river of Drina is flanked with mountain peaks standing over 1000m high that is natural habitat of griffin vultures ! Rafting on Drina River is operated from April until October.

Drina River attracts adventure lovers thanks to its extreme sports facilities ("adrenaline festivals") and the vertical cliffs of Drina River Canyon and its tributaries that are particularly interesting for the mountain climbers and alpinists....

Interesting facts about Drina river:

  • Big strategic point in World War I
  • One of the worlds biggest rafting trips is on Drina river
  • Nobel prize winner, Ivo Andric, wrote book "The bridge on Drina"

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